Oracle to GCP

Modernize On-Prem Oracle Business Intelligence ( OBIEE / OBIA ) to Cloud Data Warehouse ( BigQuery / Snowflake / Databricks ) with Dataplatr. Leave behind the constraints of on-premises Oracle OBIEE and join the forefront of global organizations embracing the Cloud Data Warehouse with Dataplatr. Our proven methodology and deep expertise in Cloud Data Warehouse ensure a seamless transition of Oracle Business Intelligence. Our comprehensive training programs equip your team to confidently navigate the new platform, unlocking the power of advanced analytics and AI/ML.

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Pain points associated with data management in Oracle financial reporting?

OBIEE is coming to the end of its product lifecycle, which means it’s support will end. Some of the issues that OBIEE have are:

OBIEE Upgrades

Every upgrade addressed issues with graph color discrepancies, scale changes, legend order, shifted prompts, missing pages, and service restart.

OBIEE’s CapEx Burden

It includes the need for performance optimization, addressing suboptimal report designs that affect system efficiency, and ensuring the environment is properly scaled to handle the workload12.

Limited Visualization

OBIEE’s data visualization capabilities are criticized for being inadequate and outdated, lacking the intuitive features and advanced visuals that modern data analytics demand

Common Pitfalls

Despite its powerful capabilities, users frequently encounter various problems(Complex Configuration, Performance Issues, Logging Troubles) that can hinder performance and affect business operations.

How moving to GCP/Looker makes things simpler and easier

Provides best cost optimization tools

With tools you can oversee applications across mists all the more effectively, just, and cost-successfully.

Better Disaster Recovery

Google Cloud can greatly reduce the costs that are associated with both RTO and RPO when compared to fulfilling RTO and RPO requirements on other platforms

Low TCO(Total Cost of Ownership)

By choosing GCP, businesses can enjoy the benefits of scalability, flexibility, and advanced technology without the hefty price tag.


With on-demand resources, sustainable use discounts, and per-minute billing, you only pay for what you use, when you use it.

Cross functional Analytics

Opens up avenues for Marketing analytics, Customer Journey etc. Using real-time insights from hundreds of data sources

GCP’s Advanced Analytics

Incorporate intelligence into your data and unleash LLM, AI and ML’s Transformative Power

Dataplatr’s Financial analytics framework on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

By delving into past performance, uncovering trends, mitigating risks, and optimizing strategies, financial analytics serves as a comprehensive toolkit for analyzing an organization’s overall financial health. Oracle Financial Reporting can be considered as sum of majorly three parts:

General Ledger KPIs and Dashboards:
  • Nuanced Exploration: Dive deep into your journal entries with precision. Our dashboard provides granular insights at the levels of suppliers, customers, and invoices. No more guesswork—understand the intricacies behind every transaction.


  • Beyond Traditional GL Views: Say goodbye to mundane spreadsheets. Our tool goes beyond the basics, offering a 360-degree view that integrates seamlessly with both Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR). Now you can bridge the gap between the GL and subledger modules effortlessly.


  • Robust Reconciliation: Reconciling accounts has never been this smooth. With our dashboard, you’ll experience streamlined account reconciliation. Identify discrepancies, track down missing entries, and ensure financial accuracy—all in one place.
GL Balances Dashboards
  • Opening Balance: Get a head start by understanding where your fiscal journey begins. Our dashboard reveals the opening balances, setting the stage for deeper exploration.


  • Period Net Movement (Actuals): Numbers in motion! Track the financial tides as they ebb and flow during the fiscal period. Uncover trends, anomalies, and patterns that matter.


  • Ending Balance: The grand finale! Discover the culmination of all transactions—the ending balance. It’s not just a number; it’s a story waiting to be told.

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